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RCSL Governing Bodies 2018
      Executive Committee
      Editorial Committee

IISL Board Members                                      
Podgςrecki Prize Committee

Former composition of the RCSL Board
Past Presidents



RCSL Governing Bodies 2018


Board                                                                                               [back to contents]

Members in the positions with * can vote.


          • Ulrike Schultz, Germany

     Immediate Past President

          • Masayuki Murayama, Japan


          • Lucero Ibarra Rojas, Mexico


          • Manuel Calvo, Spain
          • Sharyn Roach Anleu, Australia

     Elected Board Members*

          • Sharyn Roach Anleu, Australia
          • Swethaa Ballakrishnen, USA, India, UE
          • Manuel Calvo, Spain
          • Luigi Cominelli, Italy
          • Pierre Guibentif, Portugal
          • Lucero Ibarra Rojas, Mexico
          • Laura Lora, Argentina

     Coopted Board Members

          • Reza Banakar, Sweden
          • Stefan Larsson, Sweden
          • Lynn Mather, USA         

     Working Group Chair*

          • Civil Justice and Dispute Resolution
                    •  Luigi Cominelli
          • Comparative Legal Culture
                    •  Marina Kurkchiyan
          •  Comparative Studies of Legal Professions
                    •  Lisa Webley
          •  Gender, Law and Society
                    •  Alexandrine Guyard-Nedelec and Barbara Giovanna Bello
          •  Human Rights
                    •  Dani Rudnicki
          •  International Research Group on Law & Urban Space
                    •  Marius Pieterse and Thomas Coggin
          •  Law and Development
                    •  Pedro Fortes and David Restrepo-Amariles
          •  Law and Migration
                    •  Rashmi Jain
          •  Law and Politics
                    •  Angιlica Cuellar Vαzquez
          •  Law and Popular Culture
                    •  Stefan Machura
          •  Social and Legal Systems
                    •  Lucas Konzen and Germano Schwartz
          •  Sociology of Constitution
                    •  Alberto Febbrajo


     Podgorecki Young Scholar Prize Winner

          • Ayako Hirata, Japan (2018-2020)


Executive Committee
                                                                  [back to contents]

          •  Ulrike Schultz (President)
•  Manuel Calvo, Spain (Vice-president)
•  Sharyn Roach Anleu, Australia (Vice-president)
•  Lucero Ibarra Rojas, Mexico (Secretary)
•  Noι Cornago, Spain/Basque Country (IISL Scientific Director)
•  Pierre Guibentif, Portugal (RCSL Website)
•  Pablo Ciocchini, Argentina/Singapore (Editorial Committee)

Editorial Committee
                                                              [back to contents]

          •  Pablo Ciocchini, Argentina/Singapore (Chair)
•  Stefan Machura, U.K. (former chair)
•  Lucero Ibarra Rojas, Mexico  Laura Lora, Argentina
•  Pedro Fortes, Brazil
•  Swethaa Ballakrishnen, USA, India, UE
•  Mavis Maclean, U.K.
•  Shozo Ota, Japan

IISL Board Members                                                                 [back to contents]

          • Luigi Cominelli, Italy
     • Joxerramon Bengoetxea, Basque Country
     • Susanne Karstedt, Australia/Germany
     • Rosemary Hunter, U.K.
     • Ulrike Schultz, Germany (ex officio)
     • Marta Soler Gallart, Spain


Podgςrecki Prize Committee                                           
(Independent of the Governing Bodies)                                  [back to contents]

         • David Nelken, U.K./Italy, chair
         • Pierre Guibentif, Portugal
         • Susanne Karstedt, Australia

         • Angιlica Cuellar Vαzquez, Mexico, chair
         • Marina Kurkchiyan, U.K.
         • Iker Barbero, Spain/Basque Country



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