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    Relief for the Mexican Earthquakes
    Letter from the President, 25 September 2017




Dear RCSL members,

The RCSL held the joint meeting with the LSA in Mexico City last June. That was a wonderful meeting with hospitalities of Mexican colleagues. Now Mexican people are in big troubles with the earthquakes. We would like to help Mexican people as much as possible. The LSA president, Kim Scheppele, issued an appeal to the LSA members. I would like to join. The followings are the relief agencies that the New York Times identified as gathering donations for the victims of the earthquake in Mexico:

Mexican Red Cross has been accepting direct donation online.

Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization, has staff members in Mexico City and has pledged that 100 percent of its donations will go directly to relief efforts, which it says will include facilitating the delivery of medical supplies to affected areas.

GlobalGiving, a crowdfunding organization, has pledged that all money donated to its earthquake fund will go to recovery and relief efforts.

Fondo Unido México, part of the United Way network, has created an emergency fund to help the areas affected by the earthquakes as well as the recent series of hurricanes.

As members of the RCSL come from all over the world, you may have a relief agency in your country other than the above four. Whatever an appropriate agency is, I would appreciate if you consider helping victims of the earthquakes in Mexico.

Masayuki Murayama
ISA Research Committee on Sociology of Law




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