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Activity Report 2014

For a general report 2007-2015: see the RCSL Newsletter Spring 2015



The RCSL Working Group on Law and Migration has organized sessions in the RCSL annual conferences, in Berlin, Milan and O˝ati. In these sessions there were 36 participants from across countries spanning over five continents.

Professor Arvind Agrawal of the University of Rajasthan in Jaipur (India) coordinated the WG sessions in Berlin and Milan. He was helped by Alicia Girron (Mexico) and Taumota (Japan) in organizing the session in Berlin in 2007. Dr Rashmi Jain from Rajasthan University in Jaipur, and Professor Hanne Petersen from Denmark organised the session in O˝ati in July 2009.

At the ensuing 17th World Congress of Sociology, in Gothenburg, July 2010, the Working group on Law and Migration will organise a session as part of the RCSL programme. The session of the Working Group on Law and Migration at Gothenburg will again be co-coordinated by  Professor Arvind Agrawal and Dr Rashmi Jain of Jaipur.

A programme on Migration, Law and Modernity will be offered as part of the Integrative Session on Modernity, Development and Population at the ISA World Congress.

Besides this, research work on Restrictive Legislations on Immigrants through the lense of socio-legal history as construction, deconstruction and reconstruction of Migration processes, can be described as follows:

(1) The socio-historical construction of the legislative dimensions, the indentured labourers and the transformation into Indian Diaspora with South African nationality and citizenship.

(2 )The French Nationality during the colonial era: the law of renunciation under the decree of September 21st, 1881 to renounce Hindu jurisprudence for the French civil law and the adoption of Catholic surnames irrespective of religious affiliation.

(3) Citizenship, discrimination and integration through the socio-legal history of the immigrant nation: a case study of United States of America.

The study will focus minimally on the law-in-context approach and will judiciously resort to policy research with an empirical orientation. As the research accounts for the production and application of law in specific historical contexts, the focus will be on the reconstructive history of the constructivist history without a mere listing and description of legislative sites of migration governance. This socio-legal study of Migration in Historical Perspectives will contribute to the concern of the current Legal Governance of Migration.

In the near future the research endeavour of individual members of WG on Law and Migration will be compiled and an on-line interactive discourse will be undertaken.

(RCSL Newletter Fall 2009)


Activity Report 2014




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