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The 2019 RCSL annual conference took place
at the IISL in O˝ati, 19-21 June,
under the heading
Linking Generations for Global Justice.
For details, see the IISL Website.

At that occasion, the Podg˛recki Prize 2019
was awarded to Mavis Maclean

In 2020, the RCSL will

- participate in the IV ISA-Forum Porto Alegre, 14-18 July,
Challenges of the 21st Century:
Democracy, Environment, Inequalities, Intersectionalitye

- have its annual conference in Lund, 24-26 August, on:
Law and Digital Society: Re-Imagining the Futures
(link added 18 Nov.).
The deadline for submitting abstracts ends by 15 April (New Date).

Last news about the IISL:

We are pleased to announce that Martin Ramstedt
has been appointed by the Institute's Governing Board
as Scientific Director of the Institute for the term 2020-2022
(added 11 Oct.)

New on this site:

- The Call for the Podg˛recki Prize 2020;
nominations should be sent by 31 March 2020
  (added 11 Oct.).

- The last issue of the RCSL Newsletter 2019, Nr. 2

- First details about the Porto Alegre and Lund Conferences.

(2 October 2019 - Addition 11 October / 18 November
/ 22 January 2020 / 17 March)

[Former news pages are available on our Archives pages]

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President: Ulrike Schultz ( ulrike.schultz(at)fernuni-hagen.de ), Germany



Secretary: Lucero Ibarra Rojas ( luceroibarrarojas(at)gmail.com ), Mexico



Organizational secretariat:

Manttoni Kortabarria Madina,

International Institute for the Sociology of Law

Antigua Universidad s/n
Apartado 28
20560 OĐATI (Gipuzkoa) ESPAĐA
Phone: (00 34) 943 783064
Fax: (00 34) 943 783147




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