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Erhard Blankenburg, over decades member of RCSL,
passed away on 28 March.
A tribute will be published in the next issue of our Newsletter.
For the moment, let us remember that,
when the Adam Podg˛recki Prize was awarded for the fist time,
in 2005, Erhard Blankenburg was the laureate.
The international socio-legal community couldn't have
given a clearer expression to the recognition
of his outstanding scientific contribution.

 In its last meeting, the Governing Board
of the International Institute for the Sociology of Law
appointed Noe Cornago, currently professor
at the University of the Basque Country
as Scientific Director of the Institute
for the term starting in September 2018.


The Call for the Adam Podg˛recki Prize 2018,
to be awarded for an outstanding published study
by an emerging socio-legal scholar.
Nominations should be sent to
Hakan Hyden,
Chair of the 2018 Prize Committee,  by 1 May 2018.
(details on this call)


RCSL organizes its 2018 Annual Meeting
in Lisbon, 10-13 September,
in partnership with the Sociology of Law and Justice Section
of the Portuguese Sociological Association,
under the heading Law and Citizenship beyond the States

In 2018 RCSL will also participate in the ISA World Congress
Toronto, 15-21 July.


(9 April 2018)

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President: Masayuki Murayama: aa00092@meiji.ac.jp
School of Law, Meiji University



Secretary: Germano Schwartz: germano.schwartz@globo.com 

EADE, Brazil; ULBRA, Brazil



Organizational secretariat:

Manttoni Kortabarria Madina,

International Institute for the Sociology of Law

Antigua Universidad s/n
Apartado 28
20560 OĐATI (Gipuzkoa) ESPAĐA
Phone: (00 34) 943 783064
Fax: (00 34) 943 783147




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