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General Introduction
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IISL Board members appointed by RCSL
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General Introduction:                                                                [back to contents]

The IISL (see also its official website) was established in Oņati, Spain in 1989 by the Basque government and the RCSL. Since then, the IISL has become the home of the international socio-legal community. It activities include:



Scientific directors (in chronological order):                        [back to contents]

André-Jean Arnaud (†), 1988-1991
Paavo Uusitalo, 1991-1992
Rogelio Pérez Perdomo, 1992-1993
Roberto Bergalli, 1993-1995
Johannes Feest, 1995-1997
Jacek Kurczewski, 1997-1998
Pierre Guibentif, 1998-2000
William Felstiner, 2000- 2002
Manuel Calvo-García, 2002-2003
Volkmar Gessner
(†),  2003-2005
Joxerramon Bengoetxea, 2005-2007
Carlos Lista, 2007-2009
Sol Picciotto, 2009-2011
Angela Melville, 2011-2013

Adam Czarnota, 2013-2016
Vincenzo Ferrari, 2016-2018
Noe Cornago, 2018-2020

Details on this duty; calls, see separate page.


IISL and RCSL:                                                                            [back to contents]

Activities more directly connected to the RCSL were several meetings of the IISL organized in relation to RCSL annual meetings:

- Post-Congress 1990 after ISA World Meeting Madrid;
- Post-Congress 1991 after Amsterdam Joint Meetings L&SA-RCSL;
- I Oņati Socio-Legal Conference 2005, before Paris 2005 Annual RCSL Meeting. Theme: European Ways of Law;
- II Oņati Socio-Legal Conference 2007, before Berlin Joint Meetings L&SA-RCSL. Theme:
Las formas del derecho en Latinoamérica: Democracia, Desarrollo, Liberaciķn.

The RCSL Annual Meetings 1993, 2000 and 2009 took place at the Institute. The RCSL 2019 Conference also will be organized in Oņati at the occasion of the 30th anniversary of IISL.

The staff of IISL plays a vital role in the administration of the RCSL, notably by maintaining its membership database, and by publishing and circulating the RCSL Newsletter.

For m
ore information about the IISL:                                     [back to contents]

IISL Official Website: http://www.iisj.net/  

The Blog Oņati Community: https://onati.wildapricot.org/

Newsletter:  http://www.iisj.net/iisj/dm/newsletter.asp?nombre=4920&cod=4920&sesion=1 

A short introduction is to be found on the ISA-RCSL Website:

The volume Oņati IISL-IISJ 1989-2000, published in 2000 by the Institute (I.S.B.N.: 84-89933-06-5), includes a detailed account of the process of its creation, its activities until 2000, as well the texts of the Agreements and Statutes governing the institution.


Website of the RCSL - ISA


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