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       Working Group in Law and Popular Culture


Message of 27 November 2006:

The RCSL recently agreed the creation of the above working group to be run under its auspices. There have already been a number of developments in this area in terms of collaboration and research across cultural and geographical borders, and this working group is concerned with further developing this work via the creation of a research network. Initial members of the working group include Guy Osborn (chair) Steve Greenfield, Peter Robson, Stefan Machura and Antoine Garapon. We are keen to add members to this group and any interested parties are encouraged to contact Guy Osborn as regards membership - anyone with an interest in law and popular culture is welcome to join, and we will adopt an inclusive approach to academic areas that may be covered. You do need to be a member of ISA or RCSL to join, details of membership of these bodies is available on the website.

Our aims include encouraging dissemination of material, fostering fruitful research partnerships and collaborations and further developing the field of law and popular culture.

Guy Osborn
Reader in Law, University of Westminster
Editor Entertainment and Sports Law Journal


(More on this Working Group: RCSL Newsletter Fall 2007, p. 6.)



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