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Introduction                                                                    [back to contents]

The International Research Group on Law & Urban Space (IRGLUS) was formed in 1993, aiming to gather academics from diverse backgrounds – jurists, geographers, sociologists, political scientists, urban planners and environmentalists who are doing research or are interested in the interface between law and urbanisation. Its working languages are English and Spanish.

Aim                                                                                [back to contents]

IRGLUS’ goal is to encourage socio-legal research in urban legal studies, as well as to organise international workshops for the presentation and dissemination of relevant research projects and findings. Structure IRGLUS’ network is inherently organic, and relies on the support of its members. Members are free to organise events under the banner of IRGLUS or IRGLUS Latina America, which are then consequently shared via IRGLUS’ various networks. There is no formal structure or legal entity for IRGLUS, but the network has a significant online presence.

Methods of Communication                                              [back to contents]

IRGLUS has a website that contains information about the network, as well as limited content generated by members themselves.

IRGLUS has a page on Facebook, which is kept regularly updated and aims to create a social network of content relating broadly to law and urban space. The Facebook site also has the aim of encouraging new members to the network, and provides a space for discussion and debate. http://www.facebook.com/IRGLUS

IRGLUS has a Yahoo Groups account, which it uses to maintain a database of members, as well as an avenue for members to communicate with one another. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/irglus/info

IRGLUS also sends out a newsletter once every two months, summarising the activities of the group. The latest newsletter can be found here: http://eepurl.com/V2xiD

In addition, members may sign up here: http://eepurl.com/ANq2z

Contact                                                                          [back to contents]

Marius Pieterse – marius.pieterse(at)wits.ac.za

Thomas Coggin – thomas.coggin(at)gmail.com

(Source: IRGLUS 2014 Activity Report)


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