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Women and Gender in the Legal Professions

This sub-group of the Legal Profession Group first came together at the joint meeting of the Law and Society Association and the Research Committee on the Sociology of Law of the International Sociological Association, in Amsterdam in 1991.

It aims at exploring all aspects of the participation of women in legal professions across different cultures and states, the meanings such participation has on legal institutions and the law and the working conditions and careers of women lawyers in a male professional environment. In recent years it has extended its scope of work on questions of masculinities as well as gender mainstreaming, equal opportunities and diversity in the professions. The current project deals with Gender and Careers in the Legal Academy/The First Women Law Professors.

The group is linked to an International Research Collaborative “Gender and Judging” of the LSA which had its first sessions at the LSA Conference in Baltimore 2006 and since sessions at all the annual LSA Conferences.

The group is cooperating with other groups namely the RCSL Committee on Law and Popular Culture and the Legal Education Group.


As well as at all meetings of the Legal Profession Working Group since 1992 the subgroup has met

at the RCSL Conferences in Antwerp in 1997, Warsaw 1999, Oxford 2003, Paris 2005, Milan/Como 2008, Onati 2009, Dharamshala 2011, Toulouse 2013, Onati 2014 and the ISA Conference in Gothenburg 2010 and joint meetings of LSA and RCSL in Amsterdam 2001, Glasgow 1996, Budapest 2001, Berlin 2007 and Honolulu 2012. It has also conducted special workshops: “A Challenge to Law and Lawyers: Women in the Legal Profession”, Onati 1999 and “Gender and Judging”, Onati 2009 and has contributed to a workshop on Critical Legal Thinking, Onati 2011.


As well as numerous articles published individually in different socio-legal journals in many countries the group has published:

  • Schultz, Ulrike and Gisela Shaw, eds.: Women in the World´s Legal Professions. Oxford: Hart 2003
  • Schultz, Ulrike and Gisela Shaw, eds.: Special Issue on “Women in the Legal Profession” of the International Journal of the Legal Profession, July 2003
  • Schultz, Ulrike and Gisela Shaw, eds.: Special Issue on “Gender and Judging” of the International Journal of the Legal Profession, 2008
  • Ulrike Schultz and Gisela Shaw, eds.: Women in the Judiciary. London, New York: Routledge 2012 (reprint des  Special Issue: Gender and Judging des International Journal of the Legal Profession, Volume 15, numbers 1-2, March - July 2008)
  • Schultz, Ulrike and Gisela Shaw, eds.: Gender and Judging. Oxford: Hart 2013
  • Schultz, Ulrike and Brettel Dawson, eds.: Special Issue on “Gender and Judicial Education” of the International Journal of the Legal Profession, in preparation


2016: Schönburg, 8-11 May


For contact and further information:

Ulrike Schultz, Akad. Oberrätin a.D.

FernUniversität In Hagen

Tel.: 49 2331 870811

FAX: 49 2331 843408

e-mail: Ulrike.Schultz@FernUni-Hagen.de


Website: www.ulrikeschultz.de


See also the page of this subgroup on the website of the working group.



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