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The last International Meeting on Law and Society,
took place in Mexico City, 20-23 June 2017.
After that meeting, in the face of the recent events,
he President of RCSL issued the following message:

"The RCSL held the joint meeting with the LSA in Mexico City last June.
That was a wonderful meeting with hospitalities of Mexican colleagues.
Now Mexican people are in big troubles with the earthquakes.
We would like to help Mexican people as much as possible. (...)"
(See the complete message)

 Issue No 2 of RCSL Newletter has now available on this site.

It includes in particular the Call for the Adam Podg˛recki Prize 2018,
which will be awarded for an outstanding published study
by an emerging socio-legal scholar.
Nominations have to be sent to the Chair of the Committee,
to be received by 1 May 2018.
(details on this call)

It also includes the Laudatio, by Terence Halliday,
of the 2017
Adam Podg˛recki Prize Winner Laurence Friedman
(also published on this site).

In 2018, RCSL will meet two times:

It will participate in the 2018 ISA World Congress
Toronto, 15-21 July.
Abstracts are to be submitted by 30 September 2017.

It organizes its 2018 Annual Meeting
in Lisbon, 10-13 September.

Several new links have been placed on the Link Page of this site.

(29 September 2017)

[Former news pages are available on our Archives pages]

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President: Masayuki Murayama: aa00092@meiji.ac.jp
School of Law, Meiji University



Secretary: Germano Schwartz: germano.schwartz@globo.com 

EADE, Brazil; ULBRA, Brazil



Organizational secretariat:

Manttoni Kortabarria Madina,

International Institute for the Sociology of Law

Antigua Universidad s/n
Apartado 28
20560 OĐATI (Gipuzkoa) ESPAĐA
Phone: (00 34) 943 783064
Fax: (00 34) 943 783147




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