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       Adam Podgòrecki Prize >>> 2016


The winner of the Adam Podgòrecki Prize 2016 is Leonidas Cheliotis.


Laudation by Professor Ralf Rogowski on the occasion of the award of the 2016 Podgorecki Prize at the ISA Sociological Forum in Vienna on 14th July 2016 to Dr. Leonidas Cheliotis:

It is my great pleasure to deliver the laudation on behalf of the 2016 Podgorecki Prize Committee, which I had the honour to chair. Our prize-winner, Dr. Leonidas Cheliotis, is currently assistant professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He obtained his doctorate at the University of Cambridge and taught at Queen Mary University, London, and Edinburgh University before joining the LSE. He received in 2013 the Critical Criminologist of the Year Award of the American Society of Criminology and in 2015 the Outstanding Critical Criminal Justice Scholar Award of the American Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

The Podgorecki Prize Committee awards its 2016 Prize to an emergent scholar who has shown originality in his work on topics in criminology and sociology of law, in particular concerning the sociology of punishment and criminal justice policy. The focus of his articles, published in leading international journals, has been on the Mediterranean region and the Anglo-American world from both national and international comparative angles. Methodologically, his research brings together theoretical concepts and insights from a variety of fields, especially from sociology, law, anthropology, psychology and history, also fusing them with findings from fieldwork he has undertaken in criminal justice settings. In undertaking empirical research, he actively seeks to combine a range of research methods, qualitative as well as quantitative.

The Podgorecki Prize Committee wants to mention in particular the following peer-reviewed articles:

Three articles published in the journal Punishment & Society:

‘Punishment and Political Systems: State Punitiveness in Post-Dictatorial Greece’, Punishment & Society 2016. (with Sappho Xenakis)
‘Neoliberal Capitalism and Middle-Class Punitiveness: Bringing Erich Fromm’s “Materialistic Psychoanalysis” to Penology’, Punishment & Society 2013.
‘How Iron is the Iron Cage of New Penology? The Role of Human Agency in the Implementation of Criminal Justice Policy’, Punishment & Society 2006.

Two forthcoming articles in the European Journal of Criminology:

‘Punitive Inclusion: The Political Economy of Irregular Migration in the Margins of Europe’, European Journal of Criminology.
‘“Glocal” Disorder: Causes, Conduct and Consequences of the 2008 Greek Unrest’, European Journal of Criminology. (with S. Xenakis)

And finally the article:

‘What’s Neoliberalism Got to Do With It? Towards a Political Economy of Punishment in Greece’, Criminology & Criminal Justice 2010. (with S. Xenakis)

Lastly, I want to mention that Leonidas was proposed for the prize by two eminent, active RCLS members: Professors David Nelken and Susanne Karstädt.


Prof. Dr. Ralf Rogowski
Chair, 2016 Podgorecki Prize Committee
University of Warwick
School of Law
Coventry CV4 7AL, UK


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