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        International Working Group for
        Comparative Studies of Legal Professions

Legal Profession Group Meeting

Bonn/Königswinter July 1-4, 2012


Sunday, July 1st


From 6 p.m. Informal meeting at Haus Schlesien

Possibility for dinner at own expense


Monday, July 2nd


07.00 – 09.00 Breakfast at Haus Schlesien (for all)   Rübezahlstube


09.00 – 09.15 Welcome and organisational details


09.15 – 10.45 Plenary 1                                             Riesengebirge


Change in the legal profession – for better or worse?


Introduction and chair: Ulrike Schultz


1. International Aspects


Kath Hall: Lawyers as Global Elite


Don Fleming: Regulation of Practice by Foreign Lawyers in the APEC jurisdictions


Eyal Katvan: Overcrowding of the profession – the professional melting pot


2. News from Common Law Countries


Margaret Thornton: Recent Developments in the legal profession: The view from the Antipodes


Leslie Levin: The US legal Profession: Shockwaves from the economic crisis


10.45 – 11.15 Coffee Break                                                        Eichendorff Saal


11.15 – 13.00 Plenary 1 on change in the legal professions (continued)


Avrom Sherr: “The Legal Services Act, new regulation approaches and alternative business structures in England and Wales”.


Lisa Webley: The introduction of compulsory diversity monitoring in England and Wales


3. News from Civil Law Countries


Matthias Kilian: Update on Germany: Situation of young lawyers, effects of specialisation


Anne Boigeol: Current professional issues in France


Leny de Groot: News from the Netherlands 


Jacek Kurczewski: Politicians against professionals or how to regulate the deregulation of legal services in Poland

13.00 – 14.00 lunch break,                                    Eichendorff Saal

the subgroup heads meet over lunch.


14.00 – 15.30 parallel sessions


Family, Policy and the Law                                              Irmler

Chair: Benoit Bastard, Mavis Maclean


Mavis Maclean: Family Courts without lawyers (England and Wales)


Rosemary Hunter: Fact finding hearings. Perceptions of lawyers and judges (England and Wales)


Benoit Bastard/David Delvaux/Fred Schonaers: No delay in the court – divorce in France and Belgium


Aurelie Filloud Chabaud/Helene Steinmetz/Emilie Biland: Dealing with mass litigation in France and Quebec – family judges work in a comparative perspective



Legal Education 1                                                              Wohlau

Chair: Anthony Bradney


Jessica Guth: Internationalization and Law degrees


Aleksandra Nyzinska: The ethics in legal education in the face of widening access of the legal professions in Poland


Huub Spoormans: Massification of legal education in the Netherlands


Cora Hisae Hagino: A critical approach to legal education in Portugal: University of Coimbra case study



15.30 – 15.00 Coffee Break                                       Menzel



16.00 – 17.30 parallel sessions                                                 


Legal Education 2: Author meets reader                     Irmler


“Privatising the public university” the case of law (Margaret Thornton)


Introduction and chair: Fiona Cownie


Huub Spoormans / Avrom Sherr / Ulrike Schultz/Anja Rudek / Lynn Mather USA



Management in/and Justice 1:                                       Wohlau

Chair: Fred Schonaers


Mavis Maclean: Proposal for a family justice system in England and Wales


Pablo Ciocchini: Campaigning to eradicate court delay: power shifts and new governance in the criminal justice


Christophe Dubois: Prison governors or prison managers? NPM (re)shaping Belgian prison policy and organizations

18.00 – 19.45 parallel sessions


            International Lawyering: Notaries and Patent Lawyers

Chair: Don Fleming                                                 Irmler


Matthias Kilian: Liberalising the profession of notary


Gisela Shaw: Notaries in Europe – a British view


Ter Voort: Notarian ethics in difficult times


Lynn Mather: Patent Lawyers in the US


Alex Jettinghoff: IP-lawyers play the European patent system


Judiciary 1                                                                          Wohlau

Chair: Anthony Bradney


Peter Mascini: Choosing between sentence types: judges’ classifications, verdicts and their intended and unintended consequences


Francesca Scamardella: Client’s voice in the lawyering process: cases of silence and reticence


Les Moran: English judges in the news


Ruth Herz: Judges Visual Culture – through the eyes of Juge Pierre Cavellat


Nancy Marder: Judging American television reality judges


Management in/and Justice 2                                        TBA

Planning session:

Transversal study topics - Discussion on the work in this new group


20.00 dinner at Haus Schlesien          depending on weather: Rübezahlstube


Tuesday, July 3rd


07.00 – 09.00 Breakfast at Haus Schlesien (for all)        Rübezahlstube


09.00 – 10.45 parallel sessions

            Women/Gender in the Legal Profession 1                  Irmler

Session chair: Nancy Marder


Richard Collier: Fatherhood male lawyers and work/life balance in the legal profession: reframing laws “women problem”


Rita Maria Bartolomei: "Fighting gender violence and discrimination. The role of the Women Lawyers Associations in Italy, Tanzania and Zambia" 


Anne Boigeol: French women lawyers beyond the glass ceiling


Gabriele Plickert: Effects of professional work on women lawyers' timing of family formation in German and U.S. Cities


Gisela Shaw: Unsung Heroines: Women Notaries in the GDR. A Retrospective after 20 years

Legal Education 3                                                              Wohlau

Chair: Fiona Cownie


Avrom Sherr: LETR The legal education and training review in England and Wales


Anthony Bradney: Difficult Judgments: Performance Management and University Law Schools


Penny Kent/Maureen Spencer: University Sabbaticals and the Production of Pedagogic Space


Rosemary Auchmuty: Challenging the textbook: women’s different history of property law


10.45 – 11.15 Coffee Break                                       Eichendorff Saal


11.15 – 13.00 Plenary 2                                               Riesengebirge


Gender and Careers in the Legal Academy


Introduction and Chair:


Ulrike Schultz/Anja Rudek/Ilka Peppmeier: De jure and de facto: Women in the legal academy in Germany. Outline of a research project


Fiona Cownie: Gender in the legal academy....what can history tell us?


Margaret Thornton: The legal academy in Australia, gender aspects


Malgorzata Fuszara: The legal academy in Poland, gender aspects



13.00 – 14.00 lunch break                                       


14.00 – 15.30 parallel sessions                                                 


         Legal Professional Values & Identities             Irmler


Chair: Hillary Sommerlad 


Mao Lin: the role of Chinese Public Lawyers in expropriation cases


Hillary Sommerlad: ‘Bleached out’ professionalism versus white macho masculinities, pathologies of black masculinities or black professionalism? How to succeed as a black male solicitor


Anna Krajewska: Law experts? The role of lawyers providing service to local governments in Poland


Lisa Webley: Diversity and the Legal Profession: The Importance of the ‘Right’ Academic Background


Rob Rosen: The Law: Business or One of the Professions? 


Judiciary 2                                                                          Wohlau

Chair: Anthony Bradney


Yedan Li: Court Mediation in China: Lessons from labor courts


Nienke Doornbos: The interdependence of judges and law clerks: institutional factors 


Reyer Baas: Judicial dilemmas in asbestos litigation


Claire Archbold: What do we mean when we talk about justice for vulnerable people


15.00 – 16.00 Coffee break                                       Menzel


16.00 departure for excursion by bus waiting in front of Haus Schlesien

to Drachenfels, Schloss Drachenburg and Burgruine Heisterbach


20.00 dinner at Haus Schlesien          depending on weather Eichendorff Saal                                                                             or Sommerterrasse


Wednesday, July 4th


07.00 – 09.00 Breakfast at Haus Schlesien (for all)        Rübezahlstube


08.45 – 10.15 parallel sessions


Ethics and Deviance 1: Author meets Reader Irmler


Lawyers in practice: ethical decision making in context (Lynn Mather/Leslie Levin)


Introduction and chair: Leny de Groot-van Leeuwen

Comments by:


Kath Hall / Simon Rice / Avrom Sherr / Rob Rosen / Stefan Rutten



Women/Gender in the Legal Profession 2                  Wohlau

Chair: Anne Boigeol


Harriet Silius: Gender equality in Finland – model for legislation


Marion Röwekamp: “Women and the legal profession in Germany, 1895-1933”


Celine Bessiere/Muriel Mille: Gender and judging in French family courts


Ulrike Schultz: “I was visible and I was asked …” Women in Leading Positions of the Judiciary in Germany


10.15 – 10.30 Coffee Break                                       MENZEL


10.30 – 12.00 session                                                                 


Ethics and Deviance 2                                                      Irmler

Chair: Leny de Groot-van Leeuwen: Overview: state of project


Stefan Rutten/Bernard Hubeaud/Jean van Houtte: Belgian report on lawyer deviance and discipline


Leslie Levin: Can we predict lawyer deviance from US bar admissions data


Simon Rice: Australia: The legal ethics of lawyering for change


Alex Jettinghoff: Henry Stimson and international criminal law

12.00 – 12.30 Plenary: Planning of further work and next meeting








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