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        International Working Group for
        Comparative Studies of Legal Professions

2008   Berder island

Reports by sub-groupe leaders on their activities in Berder

Subgroup 1- Ethics, Deontology :
"Degroot, Leny"  l.degroot@jur.kun.nl 
The group organised an author meets critics around Richard Abel’s new book, Lawyers in the dock. Panel : Linda Haller from Australia, Alan Patterson from Scotland, N. Doorndos from The Netherlands.

Subgroup 2- Family, policy and the Law :
"Benoit Bastard"  benoit.bastard@free.fr  and "Mavis Maclean" mavis.maclean@socres.ox.ac.uk  The group published “Parenting after partnering” in the Onati Series in December 2007, following a meeting there. Our next joint project is on Gender and Family Law. We had two sessions in Berder where we were pleased to have papers from 2 PhD students. In Milan we have a session on Law Making: the policies, process and practice in Family Law.

Subgroup 4- Judiciary :
"Tony Bradney" a.bradney@law.keele.ac.uk 
The group held two sessions. There was a reasonable range of countries represented with papers on diverse topics. Both sessions had a significant audience and interesting discussions.

Subgroup 7- Legal Aid and legal services :
"Alan Paterson" prof.alan.paterson@strath.ac.uk 
We had one session in Berder. Down from the usual three because some participants went to a conference in London last week. Many of us will meet in New Zeland next April. We are not currently working on a book but we have done one in the past. Prize for the most dramatic entry to the group session goes to Richard Abel who flew 6,000 miles and arrived with 30 seconds to spare before delivery his talk.

Subgroup 8- Legal Education :
"Fiona Cownie" f.cownie@law.keele.ac.uk 
The group has now completed and edited a collection of chapters to be published later in 2008 by Hart Publishing under the title “Stakeholders in the Law School”; After publication, we will decide about our next collaborative project.

Subgroup 11- Regulatory Reform :
"Fred Bruinsma" J.Bruinsma@law.UU.NL 
The subgroup had one session with three papers and a substantial contribution to a plenary as to the impact of European law on the legal professions. The plenary was triggered by a critical remark in a review of W.F. Felstiner (ed.) , Reorganization and Resistance (2005), a product of the working group.

Subgroup 12- Women/Gender in the Legal Profession :
"Ulrike Schultz" Ulrike.Schultz@FernUni-Hagen.de In 2006 a research network on gender and judging was set up, which has become a CRN of the LSA. It is a kind of joint venture between American and Canadian colleagues and the Women & Gender in the Legal Professions subgroup. The CRN is headed partly by Ulrik Schultz. It has 3 sessions at the Conference 2007, 4 in Montreal at the LSA/CSA Conference. In Berder the Women & Gender in the Legal Professions group had 2 sessions, one of them together with the Legal Education subgroup on gender aspects in Legal Education. Gisela Shaw and Ulrik Schultz are preparing a special issue of the International Journal of the Legal Professions on gender and judging. We have applied for an Onati workshop on gender and judging and we plan a book in the Hart series resulting from it. At the RCSL conference in Milano in July 2008 we will have 2 sessions, and one together with the working group Social Systems and Legal Systems.


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