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Forthcoming Events



7-10 June 2018, Toronto
Annual Meeting of the
Law and Society Association

12-15 July 2017, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Democracy and Participation in the 21st Century
Mid-Term conference of the ISA Research Committee 10 (RC10)
on Participation, Organizational Democracy & Self-Management
Deadline for session proposals: 15 September 2016
(for more information, see the ISA-Website)

17-18 November 2016, Washington DC,
Fourth International Conference on Legislation and Law Reform

17-18 November 2016, Washington DC,
Regulatory policies and legislative studies from a comparative perspective (primarily EU/US)
Bi-annual conference of the International Association of Legislation
(Part of the
Fourth International Conference on Legislation and Law Reform)


Recent Events             [back to top]

6-9 July 2016, Andorra la Vella: Meeting of the International Working Group for Comparative Studies of Legal Professions

2-5 June 2016, New Orleans, Annual Meeting of the Law & Society Association
At the Delta: Belonging, Place and Visions of Law and Social Change

Deadline for Submission of Papers: 15 October 2015
For more information on the paper proposal process newly implemented, which includes the requirement of a 1000 word summary, see the message of the organizers published on our site.

8-11 May 2016: Workshop on First Women Law Professors/ Gender and Careers in the Legal Academy organized by the subgroup Women and Gender in the Legal Professions of the RCSL Working Group on Comparative Studies of Legal Professions. People interested in participating should inform Ulrike Schulz by 30 June 2015.


Past Events Announced on this Site             [back to top]

2015                           [back to top]

30 November-3 December 2015, Flinders University Law School, Adelaide:
Meeting of the Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ): Inside Out.
Deadline for abstact proposals: 26 June 2015.
See the offical website of the event.

9-11 September 2015, Berlin,
Die Versprechungen des Rechts
Third congress of the German-Speaking socio-legal groupings,
after Luzern, 2008, and Viena, 2011,
Call for Papers available here; submission deadline 31 March 2015.

27 July - 1 August 2015, Washington DC, 27th World Congress of the International Society for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR)
Law, Reason, and Emotion
Call for Papers available here; submission deadline 15 March 2015.

1 - 4 July 2015, Milan, Italy
International Conference on Public Policies,
including a panel on

Judicial policies and organizational modernization. A paradigm shift in the comparative analysis of the judiciary
For more information, contact the chairs Giancarlo Vecchi and Daniela Piana.

29 June - 2 July 2015, Université Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Versailles, France
Conference of the French Sociological Association
La sociologie, une science contre-nature?
With panels organized by the Réseau thématique Sociologie du droit et de la justice. See the Programme of these panels.

29-30 June 2015, University of Birmingham
Power, Practice and Privilege: Corporate Law Firms & Corporate Clients
Symposium organized by Steven Vaughan of Birmingham Law School.
See the Call for Papers, submission deadline 16 February 2015.

10-12 June 2015, Oslo
Law and Society in the 21st Century - The Functions of Law in Global Society
organized by the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law,
University of Oslo
See the Call for Papers; submission deadline: 1 February 2015

28-31 May 2015, Seattle, Annual Meeting of the Law & Society Association
Law’s Promise and Law's Pathos in the Global North and Global South

Deadline for Submission of Papers: 15 October 2014


2014                           [back to top]

15-16 December 2014, Oxford,
at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Oxford
Exploring the Comparative in Socio-Legal Studies
Conference of the Socio-Legal Studies Association

20-21 November 2014, Zaragoza,
meeting of the Red Derecho y Sociedad
Sociología del derecho, Filosofia del derecho y derechos humanos
at the occasion of the award, by the Zaragoza University,
of the Doctor Honoris Causa title to Vincenzo Ferrari

6-10 October 2014, Trier, Germany, 37th Conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie
Gender Routinen der Krise - Krise der Routinen
with panels of the Sektion Rechtssoziologie

4-6 June 2014, Izmir, Turkey
Gender and 'The Law': Limits, Contestations and Beyond
sponsored by a consortium of several universities.

29 May-1 June 2014, Minneapolis Minnesota USA
50th Meeting of the Law & Society Association
Law and Inequalities: Global and Local
Deadline for paper submission: 15 October 2013

9-11 April 2014: Annual Conference 2014 of the Socio-Legal Studies Association Robert Gordon University Low School, Aberdeen

23 January 2014, Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense
Les frontières entre recherche et soin : diagnostics et pronostics juridiques
4th Journée d'étude of the Association des Jeunes Chercheurs du Réseau Droit, Sciences et Techniques


2013                           [back to top]

9-10 September 2013
Sociologie politique du droit - Quels acquis? Quelles perspectives?
A Tribute to Jacques Commaille

École normale supérieur de Cachan

10-12 July 2013
International Congress on Gender Violence - Intersectionalities
International Institute for the Sociology of Law

Deadline of the Call for Papers: 4 March 2013
Details on the IISL Website

30 May-2 June 2013
Power, Privilege, and the Pursuit of Justice:
Legal Challenges in Precarious Times

Law and Society Association Meeting Boston http://www.lawandsociety.org/boston2013.html 

20-21 May 2013
IV Meetings on Ethics and Political Philosophy
University of Minho, Braga
Deadline of the Call for Papers: 30 January 2013

16-17 May 2013
Challenges to participation in democracy
University of Lisbon, Faculty of Letters,
Centre of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon
Deadline for Paper Proposals submission: 31 December 2012
See the Call for Papers

13-14 May 2013
Formality and Informality: from Decoupling to Entanglement

Workshop on the Formal and the Informal in Law, Institutions and Economy Polish Sociological Association & University of Warsaw Warsaw

10-11 May 2013
Pursuing Diverse Talent in Legal and Professional Services:
Research Within and Across Professions, Organizations, and Societies

2nd Annual Conference of the Research Group on Legal Diversity
American Bar Foundation, Chicago
(See the Call for Papers; abstacts to be submitted by November 30, 2012)

8-9 March 2013
Complaints: Cultures of Grievance in Eastern Europe and Eurasia
Princeton University Program in Law and Public Affairs
Program in Russian and Eurasian Studies
(See the Call for Paper)


2012                           [back to top]

19-20 December 2012
What is Wrong with the Legal System, and Where does Academia Fit In?
ILSA (Israeli Law and Society Association) 2012 Annual Conference
(See the ILSA 2012 Call for Papers)

13-15 December 2012
Les avocats et les magistrats dans l’administration de la justice
VIIe Colloque international de la SIHPA
Société internationale de l'histoire de la profession d'avocat
For some details, see http://criminocorpus.hypotheses.org/5372

25-27 November 2012
Direito e Cultura
III Congresso Brasileiro de Sociologia do Direito - ABraSd
UFPR Praça Santos Andrade Curitiba/Paraná/Brasil

22 August - 12 December 2012
Permanent Seminar on Sociology of Law and Social Science
Cordoba, Argentina
Detailed Programme:

1-4 August 2012, Buenos Aires
Second ISA Forum of Sociology
Social Justice and Democratization
With sessions of the RCSL under the following main theme:
The quest for justice and the limits of the law: Social and legal transformation in contemporary world society
(coordinated by Reza Banakar)
(Deadline for abstracts submission: 15 December 2011).

9-10 July 2012, Singapore
Annual International Conference on Law, Regulations and Public Policy
(LRPP 2012): see its official website.

2-6 July 2012, Rabat
Workshop of the Comité de recherche 3 - Études socio-juridique / Sociologie du droit, « Droit et construction sociale de l’incertain » (« Law and the Social Construction of Uncertainty ») as part of the 19th Congress of the Association internationale des sociologues de langue française (AISLF), which general topic is « Penser l'incertain ».

1-4 July 2012, Bonn
Meeting of the RCSL Working Group Legal Professions

28-29 June 2012, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
10th Congress of the International Association of Legislation
Regulatory Reforms - Implementation and Compliance
(see its program)

19-22 June 2012, Oporto
7th Congress of the Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia
Sociedade, Crise e Reconfigurações
with a panel on Law, Crime, and Dependence
(see the call for papers of this panel; deadline: 31 December 2011)

6-9 June 2012, National University, La Jolla, California USA
13th International Roundtable for the Semiotics of Law (IRSL 2012)
Fresh Waters from an Old Spring: The Semiotics of Restorative Justice, Recognizing Harms and Healing Communities Anew with Old Ways.
Proposals of papers should be sent by 15 February 2012 to Jack B. Hamlin at jhamlin@nu.edu and to Anne Wagner at valwagnerfr@yahoo.com

5-8 June 2012, Honolulu
Joint RCSL - LSA Congress, with co-sponsorship of several other relevant associations (see details).

20-24 May 2012, The Hague
14th Congress of the World Society of Victimology
Cross-cultural Perspectives on Confltict, Trauma, and Reconciliation

24-25 April 2012, Lund
The Normative Anatomy of Society
International Conference organized by the Department of Sociology of Law at Lund University (more on this event: see also RCSL Newsletter Fall 2011)

24-25 April 2012, Lund
The Normative Anatomy of Society
International Conference organized by the Department of Sociology of Law at Lund University (more on this event: see also RCSL Newsletter Fall 2011)


2011                           [back to top]

30 September-1 October 2011, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Corea
Dialects and Dialectics: East Asian Dialogues in Law and Society,
East Asian Law and Siociety Conference 2011
(see the Conference website)

5-8 September 2011, University of Cambridge:
Law in Politics, Politics in Law
Annual conference of the Society of Legal Scholars (see the site of SLS)

1-3 September 2011, Viena,
Der Kampf ums Recht - Second congress of the German-Speaking socio-legal groupings
(Official site : http://www.recht-und-gesellschaft.info/wien2011/ )

15-20 August 2011, Frankfurt, Johann-Wolfgang Goethe Unversität, Westend Campus
Law, Science, Technology - Recht, Wissenschaft und Technik, XXV World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy
(official site of the congress)

5-9 August 2011, Kobe, Japan
Global Socio-Economic Crisis and Crime control Policies: Regional and National Comparison, 16th World congress of the International Society for Criminology
(official site of the congress)

5-8 July 2011, Grenoble (France),
Création et Innovation (Workshop of the Réseau thématique 13 - Sociologie du droit et de la justice, within the framework of the 4th congress of the Association française de sociologie).

6-8 July 2011, Oñati (Gipuzkoa), Spain, IISL in partnership with other entities: International Conference on Social Economy - Corporate Responsibility & Private Property Workers´ Rights & Cooperative Ownership 

6-8 June 2011, Montréal (Canada), HEC Montréal,
Les entreprises multinationales, les chaînes de valeur mondiales et la régulation sociale (Colloque international du CRIMT)
(Deadline for paper proposals: 12 January 2011; see the Call for Papers)

2-5 June 2011, San Francisco
Oceans Apart? Narratives of (Il)Legality in Liminal Locations, Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association
(see the call for participation)

5-6 January 2011, New Dehli (India), ICSSR
Socio-legal Dimensions of Migration and Modernity
more on this event in the RCSL Newsletter Fall 2010)


2010                           [back to top]

- 16-17 November 2010, Rio de Janeiro,
First Meeting of the Associação brasileira de pesquisadores em sociologia do direito (ABraSD) (poster)

- 16-17 September 2010
Concepts of Justice in Legal Research (International Conference and PhD Workshop, organized by Retfærd - Nordic Journal of Law and Justice)
(Call for paper and provisional programme; more on this event in the RCSL Newsletter Fall 2010)

- 8-10 July 2010, Gif sur Yvette,
Meeting of the RCSL International Working Group for the Comparative Studies of Legal Professions
 (see Call for Contributions; for a short report, see the RCSL Newsletter Fall 2010)

- 24-26 June 2010, Lisbon:
9th Congress of the International Association of Legislation (IAL),
on Quality of Legislation.
See the Preliminary Programme, the Call for Papers and the Call for Posters (due date for both: 28 February 2010).
More on this event on the official site of IAL.
[posted 21 January 2010]

- 27-30 May 2010, Chicago:
Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association:
After Critique: What is Left of the Law and Society Paradigm?
See the Call for Paper (due date: December 8, 2009)

- 20-21 mai 2010, Université de Laval (Canada), seminar organized by the Canadian Association of Political Science.
Règles, acteurs, ressources politiques
(see the Call for Paper, French, due date: November 20, 2009).

- 24-28 March 2010, Frankfurt am Main:
XVI Forum of Young Legal Historians
Law on Stage
See the site of the AYLH : http://www.aylh.org/
and the Call for Papers (German / French / English) : http://www.aylh.org/images/uploads/CfP_Forum_Frankfurt_2010.pdf

- 1-2 March 2010, Helsinki:
2nd International Conference on Legislative Studies
Better Regulation - A Critical Assessment
Details : http://www.legislativestudies.org/conference/index.html

2009                           [back to top]

- 17-18 December 2009, The Hague, at the occasion of the official international opening of the European Academy of Law and Legislation, conference on Styles of Legislation.

- 14-15 December 2009, Kleve (Germany): Conference
of the Dutch and Flemish Association for the social scientific study of law:
Recht in een transnationale context
Details: http://vsr.ruhosting.nl/page9/page9.html

- November 12-14, 2009, Córdoba - Argentina
X Congreso nacional de sociología jurídica
For more information, see http://sasju.dyndns.org/

- May 28-31, 2009, Denver:
2009 Annual Meeting of Law and Society Association: Law, Power, and Inequalities in the 21st Century (due date for submitting paper proposals: December 8, 2008.

- April 14-17 2009, Paris, Université Diderot:
Workshop on Law and Violence (Droit et violence) organized by the research network on sociology of law of the Association française de Sociologie, within the framework of the AFS-Congress on Violences and Society (Violences et Societé)  (see the call for papers).

2008                           [back to top]

- December 27-29, 2008:
XXXIV All India Sociological Conference,  including sessions organized by the  "ISS Adhoc Group on Sociology of Law", chaired by Arvind Agrawal. For details, see the Brochure about the congress and the Flyer about the Adhoc Group.

- 24-26 December, 2008 : International Conference
Global, Regional and Local: Law, Politics, and Society in Comparative Perspectives

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (see call for papers).

- 27-28 November, 2008: Coloquio internacional "Desafios aos Direitos Humanos e à Justiça Global" Coimbra University, Portugal. For details, see the flyer, and : http://www.ces.uc.pt/humanrightscolloquium/pages/registration.php 

- 13-15 Noviembre, 2008: 9º Congreso Nacional de Sociología Jurídica
"De la Ley a las prácticas: confrontaciones sociales por el uso del Derecho" Organizan: Sociedad Argentina de Sociología Jurídica y la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Rosario, Rosario, Argentina
Para mayor información, pinche
Página web: http://www.fder.unr.edu.ar/index.cgi?wid_seccion=5&wid_item=217 - 5 November 2008: 1-Day Conference
'Socio-Legal Studies and the Humanities'
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London.

- 5-6 November 2008, Paris, Bibliothèque Cujas, 5 et 6 novembre 2008:
"Jean Carbonnier, art et science de la législation"

- 28-29 October 2008: Luhmann e os Direitos Fundamentais, organized by Unisinos (São Leopoldo, Brasil, Rio Grande do Sul), with the support of the International Institute for the Sociology of Law (programme)

- 2-3 October 2008: "Droit et régulation des activités économiques", colloque international, ENS Cachan (complete introduction to the topic and to the programme).

- 22 September 2008, Warsaw, Poland, Staszic Palace, Academic Ideas of Adam Podgorecki. A conference to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Adam Podgorecki’s death organized by the Division on Sociology of Law of the Polish Sociological Association, in partnership with several other organizations (see the detailed programme of the event) (About Adam Podgorecki, on this site)

- 5-8 September 2008: First ISA Forum of Sociology, Barcelona,
with sessions of the RCSL on the topic "Rethinking Legal Justice"
(see the Call for Papers with link to the official website)

- 4-6 September 2008: "Wie wirkt Recht?" (How does Law act?), Joint Meeting of the German-Speaking Socio-legal Associations, hosted by the Swiss grouping,
;  see its official Website

- 7-11 July 2008, Istambul: Congress of the Association internationale des sociologues de langue française. Workshops of its working group on socio-legal studies and sociology of law (CR03) on "Cultural Rights and Social Ties" (in french).

- 30 June - 4 July 2008: Summer Course of the IISL: Los procesos migratorios: políticas y legislación en el marco de la globalización”. More on this event on the official website of IISL.

- 29 June-2 July 2008: Annual meeting of the Working Group on the Comparative Study of Legal Professions, Ile de Berder (France)

- 29 May-1 June 2008: 2008 Annual Meeting of the Law & Society Association,
"Les Territoires du Droit: Placing Law"

Joint Meeting with the Canadian Law and Society Association, Montreal.

2007                  [back to top]

- , 7 december 2007: What theories for the sociology of law and justice
(Quelles théories pour la sociologie du droit et de la justice):
symposium organized by the Research Network 13 - Sociology of Law and Justice - of the French Association of Sociology,
École normale supérieure de Cachan, Paris (see the Programme)

- 22-24 de noviembre 2007: VIII Congreso Nacional de Sociologia Jurídica - Santa Fé Argentina "Derecho, Democracia y Sociedad"
  (On-Line Registation Form)

- 6 November 2007, Symposium on Renato Treves, Milano, (see the Programme)



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