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RCSL Meetings  >>>  Canoas 2015

RCSL - ABRASD 2015 Meeting

Sociology of Law on the Move - Perspectives from Latin America

May 5-8, 2015, Unilasalle - Canoas (Brasil)

The 2015 RCSL Meeting will be organized together with the Brazilian National Association of Researchers in Sociology of Law (ABRASD). You can access their website on the following links in order to check their working groups, how to be a member and other information:

-              www.rcsl.iscte.pt (the present site)

-              www.abrasd.com.br

Unilasalle (La Salle Universitary Center) will host the meeting by its Master in Law and Society, the first and only of its kind in Brazil. You can access more information about it on http://unilasalle.edu.br/canoas/ppg/ppg-direito/. We are expecting 500 inscriptions, which, for Brazilian patterns, is a small meeting. So, please consider to submit your papers and/or your panel sooner rather than later.

Unilasalle is located at the heart of Canoas, a city with 400.000 inhabitants and the second GDP of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, in the south of Brazil, where this time of the year, the weather is very pleasant (15-25 celsius). The nearest airport is Salgado Filho (Porto Alegre), 10 km from Unilasalle with direct connection by metro. See more details here: http://unilasalle.edu.br/canoas/onde-estamos/

You should know that the general theme was decided by the Executive Committee last May in O˝ati (Spain) and it is about the role of the sociology of Law nowadays and the approach that Latin America can offer to that subject. The call for papers and the call for panels will be launched through RCSL, Abrasd and Unilasalle websites, by the end of October, 2015, the same month that the website of the meeting will be online.

We really hope to meet you in Brazil, 2015.

Prof. Masayuki Murayama, RCSL President
Prof. Renata Ameida da Costa,
Meeting Organizer - Unilasalle
Prof. Germano Schwartz, RCSL Secretary
Unilasalleĺs Master in Law and Society Coordinator
Prof. Marcelo Mello, ABRASD President

July 2014

(Printed version of this invitation is available here for download: .pdf; 3,7 MB)


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