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Adam Podg˛recki


The late Professor Adam Podg˛recki was a founding member of the Research Committee of Sociology of Law (RCSL) of the International Sociological Association (ISA). He worked tirelessly and fearlessly for the independent status of socio-legal research against the pull of the large disciplines of sociology on the one side and law on the other. He became one of the great leaders in the field with a large number of innovative contributions to socio-legal research, delivered with his inimitable personal style, which was direct, engaging and uncompromising and is fondly remembered by his many admiring colleagues in Warsaw, Oxford and Ottawa and all over the world. In honour and memory of the lifetime achievements of Adam Podg˛recki and his inaugurate place in the history of RCSL, the Board of RCSL established the Annual RCSL Adam Podg˛recki Prize.

Alex Ziegert
(RCSL Newsletter Automn 2005)



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