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Letter of the RCSL President, of 10 June 2015
(also available in .pdf format)

Dear RCSL Members,

The term of the present Scientific Director (SD) at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law (IISL) in Onati will end in August 2016 (The term of the SD is normally two years, but due to the uncertainty of the financial situation, the current SD, Adam Czarnota agreed to serve for three years. The term of the next SD is expected to be two years).

It is the customary practice that RCSL puts forward a candidate for the next SD to the IISL Board which selects the next SD. I would like to invite all RCSL members to nominate a candidate for the next SD, if you wish to do so and have identified a scholar who is qualified for the position and willing to be nominated and serve. Please send your nomination to Germano Schwartz, RCSL Secretary, germano.schwartz@unilasalle.edu.br together with a CV for the candidate including a list of publications and your recommendation letter (giving the reasons for your nomination) by 10 August 2015.

I appointed a Search Committee as an advisory board for the president. The Search Committee consists of Anne Boigeol (Chair), Reza Banakar, Manolo Calvo, Carlos Lista and David Nelken. The Search Committee also works to “dig out” candidates for the next SD as well as to consider your nominations.

I attach the ‘Job Description’ written by former SDs, Manolo Calvo and Carlos Lista, and the ‘Profile of a good SD’ written by the current SD, Adam Czarnota. The job description shows what kind of work the SD is expected to do. The profile shows what kind of qualifications a candidate is required to have. I would appreciate if you would consult with the job description and the profile when you consider a candidate.

I should add that the SD’s position carries a Spanish visiting professor’s salary, free accommodation and some travel allowances.

If you have further questions about the position of the SD, please contact Adam Czarnota, czarnota@iisj.es, for your questions about the Basque country, please contact Manolo Calvo, mcalvo@unizar.es and/or Joxerramon Bengoetxea, joxerramon.bengoetxea@ehu.es, and for your questions about the salary and other benefits, please contact Jose Antonio Goyanaga, goyenaga@iisj.es.

While accepting nominations, the Search Committee will also try to identify candidates. If there are more than three candidates, the Search Committee will choose three put them in order of their priority (If there are only two candidates, the Search Committee will also give their order of priority). The proposal of the Search Committee will be announced to all RCSL members and the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee will consider three candidates and choose two giving the order of priority. This choice of the Executive Committee will be announced to all the RCSL members and the RCSL Board.

The RCSL Board will consider the choice of the Executive Committee and decide on the final candidate. This decision will be sent to the IISL Board, which will select the next SD.

The IISL in Onati is an important institution for RCSL. Therefore, I would like as many RCSL members as possible to participate in deciding on the next Scientific Director. At the same time, I would like to make the procedure as transparent and open as possible to all the RCSL members. I would be grateful if you would take some time to think about a candidate for the next Scientific Director.

Thank you for your cooperation!

With best wishes,

Masayuki Murayama
President RCSL


(also available in .pdf format)



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