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       Adam Podg˛recki Prize >>> 2013


Ex aequo winners of the Adam Podg˛recki Prize 2013
are Volkmar Gessner and Terence Halliday

Volkmar Gessner (1937-2014) was a highly creative and innovative scholar who engages with a broad range of new themes and issues. His recent research on globalization in particular has been cutting edge. He had an outstanding track record of publications in German as well as internationally, in Spanish and English. His work has had a very important impact, opening up fascinating lines of empirical research into the administration of justice and social conflict. He has been one of the leading socio-legal scholars in Germany, and possibly the most significant one. His lifelong engagement with RCSL included outstanding services, culminating in the Directorship of Onati. He was a truly international scholar and bridges legal cultures with ease.

Terry Halliday is a renowned scholar, who has won several important and highly prestigious prizes for his publications over the past years. His research is cutting edge, and he combines theory and empirical findings in the most outstanding ways. He is a leading researcher in the field of globalization of law, as well as in international and comparative research more broadly. He has contributed seminal services to the socio-legal community, for RCSL but also for the Law & Society Association. He has made outstanding contributions to the development of the international activities of the Law and Society Association, linking it with the RCSL, and has been decisive in promoting an international agenda in LSA and for a World Consortium. He is a truly international scholar and has done outstanding service for the international community of socio-legal scholars.

(Source: Report of the ISA RCSL Senior Podg˛recki Prize 2013 Jury)

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